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Production of components for hydraulic cylinders

F.lli Antonelli S.n.c. is a historic company that has been operating in the metalworking sector since 1994. Specializing in the production of components for hydraulic cylinders such as forks, pistons, drive rod. We are able to carry out any type of design supplied. We operate nationwide with state-of-the-art CNC machines, guaranteeing customers professionalism and punctuality. Our experience at your service.

  • Phone : 075 8560331
  • Email : info@componentiantonelli.com
  • Website : www.componentiantonelli.com


In our company we carry out work starting from drawings, projects or prototypes provided by the customer thanks to our computer systems cad cam 3d, in order to make your products on CNC machines as a fixed milling cutter novar 1500x750x750, P10 working center Parpas1000x500x500 etc. of the last generation. With our fleet we can make small and medium-sized molds for cold sheet as, drawing, bending, shearing, block cutting.

The Antonelli brothers also specialized in the production of hydraulic cylinder components, such as forks, pistons, rod guides, but also spare parts for agricultural machines, such as hubs for skimmers, using the following machinery:

puma lathe with double spindle-bar passage diam.76 with driven tools and y-axis
lathe CMT-ursus260 self-learning passage bar90

All this allows us to go back up to a length of 1.70 meters and to run small and large series. We are able to perform work, starting from bar, fusion, mold products and on materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, polyethylene.

All the materials we purchase are certified.

Via Citernese, nr. 61
Sangiustino (PG)
Phone: 075 8560331
Email: info@componentiantonelli.com
Fax: 075 8619336
green cut
Green Cut

Head for brushcutter in polyethylene

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